DataByAir appreciates the importance of reliable service and support, and that's why we've created this web site. In today's competitive marketplace, our consistent communication with you is vital for achieving rapid and accurate results that you expect. Using this web site, you can get the latest information about us and even contact us via email. We are dedicated in providing our clients with the highest level of quality. In keeping with these ideals, it is our objective to offer a wide variety of services that bring value to most every aspect of business technology.

We offer our expertise in:

Wireless Development and Services - DataByAir has successfully developed wireless solutions currently utilized by many companies. Our wireless solutions can fit almost every platform, from Palm to Windows 2003 Advanced Server. Our wireless applications are being used in systems such as: inventory control; time and expense; job scheduling; remote monitoring, productivity reports; and field service. We believe that if you have the business need to do so, there is a way to build any application wherever you are.

Project Planning - DataByAir's methodology stresses collaborative approaches. In each of the phases, we collaborate closely with client to determine roles, responsibilities & accountabilities. We utilize a structured consulting methodology to understand and internalize the customer's business requirements. We assure that all projects are performed with quality, consistency and cost effectiveness.

Website Development - DataByAir performs software design and development work utilizing state of the art technologies for mission critical applications. Our engineers also offer high-end consultancy services in system analysis, architecture design, database administration and performance tuning for real time applications.

Support & Maintenance for existing systems - Are you displeased with your current software supplier, or tired of trying to maintain your system in-house? With a talented, full-time staff of degreed programmers and analysts, we have the manpower and expertise to meet your needs.